Web Development Questionnaire

Part I – Basic Website Information

The following questionnaire will help us estimate the timeline and cost of your project. The success of this undertaking directly depends on clearly established project vision and goals. It is important that you answer all applicable questions thoroughly.

Contact Information

Company Name: * Contact Name:
Contact person(s) for your website: Address:
Fax: E-mail: *

Web Services & Site Design

What web services you are interested in? Please check “Yes” or “No” options.
Web Site Design & Development: Yes No Logo Design: Yes No
Redesign of current site: Yes No Custom Design: Yes No
Web Site Hosting: Yes No Domain Name Registration: Yes No
Will this be a new web site design or redesign of existing web site? If you already have a web site will you be using your existing content?
If you have a domain name and you want to use that domain then please provide the FTP user name and password?
FTP User Name: FTP Password:
Describe the nature of your business?
List the services that your company provides?
How many pages do you anticipate that your website will have?
Describe your target audience (i.e. average age special interests, income level, and education level) Do they have any special needs?
Do you currently have marketing materials that we should incorporate into our design? Yes No

Goals, Purpose, Concept, Focus, Direction, Strategy and Message

What is the core purpose of your website?Please check “Yes” or “No” options.
Entertainment: Yes No Increase Sales: Yes No
Gather Data: Yes No Brand Development: Yes No
Product Recognition: Yes No Communication: Yes No
Increase Prospective: Yes No
What is the primary message you wish to convey?
Do you have any specific design elements in mind? Yes No
What kind of interactivity will your site need?

Style, Design Message, Theme

What image do you want your site to project what should be “the look and feel”?
Please list some examples of sites that you like and mention the specialization of each site like navigation, style, image, design, color scheme etc.

Logo and Corporate Identity

Do you have a company logo? If yes, do you want to use that or you want to change?
Do you have a company slogan and/or mission statement? If yes please write it down.
Do you have a corporate color scheme or any symbols/icons that we should incorporate in our design?


you going to be accepting credit cards? Yes No
If so do you currently have a merchant account? Yes No
List the name of your merchant account if you have one.
How many products and/or services do you plan to sell?


Do you already have image/graphic content for your website? Yes No
Do you have text content ready for your website? Yes No
Would you like us to help develop textual content for your site? If yes then please mention the number of pages.
** Please Note that there might be some alteration in the approved design in order to integrate the Content Management System and Gallery Management System. **